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Pierre Durant - vocalle rappe
Krisstoff Lefevre - programation, vocalle
Dyke B - vocalle rappe

Sans Blanc was derived from the fake '80s retro electropap group Avec Noir which was formed for a scene in 2008 for the experimental soap 'Something is Happening' an ongoing saga of deconstruction since 1983.

 The original Avec Noir line-up included Pierre Durrant, Krisstoff Lefevre, Dirk Schwarze and Zick Wertz. Wertz disappeared in mysterious circumstances and Swarze began a solo path in 2010.

 With rumours that the band had split, Lefevre and Durrant began new recordings via skype from their hip-hop palaces in Europe, meeting in Wivenhoe UK for coffee. After some gender based issues and  contractual obligations they approached a well known lesbian from Basildon, Essex UK  (Dyke-B) for inspiration. The chemistry between Durrant, Lefrefre and B led to recordings and rare performances, they formed Sans Blanc and created the album Modluv.

Free downloads of Modluv are now available on the

Freemusic Archive and a LE CD can be obtained with a picture

on it...

V.I.P. comments:

Sansvideo Clips:

Colchester Arts Centre 11/11/11

Wivenhoe Funny Farm  28/4/12

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